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The Perfect Hair Cut

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Have you ever wondered what goes into getting a perfect hair cut? How often should you get it cut or what to do about split ends? In this blog post I answer all those questions and more from a professional stylist & educator’s perspective.

What goes into getting a perfect hair cut?

The answer isn’t as black & white as one might think. The talent of the stylist does play a HUGE role in the end result of a haircut but there are other factors that contribute to getting that perfect haircut. You, the client, play a role also! Here are some do’s & don’ts that could mean the difference in a GREAT haircut & an OK haircut.

DO …

  • Sit up straight & stay still . . .

Isn’t that what mama always said? Believe it or not sitting still & straight makes a huge impact on the outcome of your haircut. Not to mention the health of your stylists’ fingers. (A cut finger sometimes results from “chasing heads” – it’s like trying to cut carrots with a VERY sharp knife but the carrots just won’t stay still – could you imagine the gore!?) A precise haircut requires holding the hair at just the right angle to make it fall the way it needs to so it "looks just like the picture". Here’s an interesting fact: When you show a picture of what your perfect haircut should look like, you see a style – I see angles. A haircut is all about angles. How I hold the hair out from the head and cut it determines how it will lay when it’s styled. WHAAAAT!? IIII KNOW!? All a haircut is, is Geometry. When you move around, it makes it difficult for any stylist to cut just the right angles for that perfect haircut.

  • Leave your head where your stylist puts it . . .

Remember the angles? Anyone that has sat in my chair knows that I am always instructing my clients . . . “hold your down”, “look straight towards the mirror” . . . Holding your head where anywhere other than where your stylist puts it will definitely affect the final outcome of the haircut. So, for those of you that sit in my chair, just know I’m not being bossy . . . I’m giving you the perfect haircut.

  • Leave your hands under the cape . . .

I know this one sounds crazy and it may just be my preference but if you look around the next time you sit in my chair and take note how my working tray is set up …. I always try to work with a “Clean Eye.” A clean eye is simply a way of working with clean surroundings; making sure that everything is neat & clean before starting any haircut or color. I will always make sure the cape is straight and your hands underneath before starting your haircut.

DON’T . . .

  • Don’t cross your legs (or ankles) . . .

When you cross your legs or your ankles, it makes you sit leaning to one side. Now, admit you just tried it just to see if you sit crooked! Again, remember the angles? It makes a difference if you’re sitting crooked. Sitting crooked = crooked haircut.

  • Don’t prop your elbows on the side of the chair . . .

We all do it. We get sat down and then commence to get comfortable . . . cross our legs and then prop our elbows on one side of the chair, right? That’s perfectly expected when having coffee with friends or watching t.v. If you do it when getting your hair cut, you will definitely have a crooked haircut. Having your hair cut is like getting your picture taken. The photographer poses you and you have to hold that pose until the photo is taken. The same holds true when you're getting a haircut. Your stylist will pose you and you have to hold that pose until the cut is finished. So, what in the world are you supposed to do with your hands? Leave them in your lap.

  • Don’t be in a hurry . . .

Creating a perfect haircut takes time. I like to allow 45-60 minutes to create a perfect haircut. You can’t rush perfection. So, the next time you make an appointment to get your haircut be sure you allow you and your stylist enough time to create your perfect cut.

And last but probably not least . . .

  • Don't talk on your phone . . .

I mention this one for all the stylists that have to stop working for a client to take a phone call. When we have to stop working we run the risk of running behind which then affects the client after you; and sometimes the client after you doesn't know we had to stop for the previous client to take a phone call but insists on a discount because they had to wait longer than they should have or worse doesn't come back to the stylist because they feel their time wasn't respected by the stylist.

Have you ever been standing in line at the grocery and the person in front of you is on the phone while the poor cashier is trying to inform the person of their total and finish up the transaction and you think "that poor cashier, how rude of this person, things would be more efficient if they would just make this call when there done checking out" ... or could you imagine trying to text someone while getting your nails done ... or talking on the phone while your dentist cleans your teeth ... It makes it very difficult to do a perfect haircut when you're holding a phone to your ear. Also, the next time your on the phone check and see if you're holding your head straight . . . remember the one about sitting straight & leaving your head where your stylist puts it?


Here’s a Hair Fact: Hair grows an average of ½” a month.

(Side Note: You lose 75-150 hairs a day – yes, per day!)

Listed below is my suggested cutting schedule based on the length of hair.

  • Short: Every 3-4 weeks

  • Medium: Every 4-6 weeks

  • Long: Every 6-8 weeks

  • If you’re growing your hair out: Every 8-12 weeks


What causes split ends? There are several different causes of split ends, but the #1 cause is ... (drum roll, please)

  • Not getting regular trims! Your hair is just like a strand of thread or yarn. When it’s not taken care of the ends start to unravel . . . causing split ends.

  • Not properly styling your hair - Raise your hand if you have ever . . . scrubbed your hair with your bath towel, ripped a brush through your hair after shampooing, not used a thermal styling product when blow drying or cranking your flat iron to the highest temperature. All of these cause spit ends and you should refrain immediately from doing any of these things.

  • The environment – The cold, the hot, the wind, the sun …. They all wreak havoc on our precious locks and that includes causing split ends. The right products could help prevent split ends.

What effect does split ends have on your hair? You can usually tell that you have split ends or that you need a trim if any of the following are present:

  • Tangles easily

  • Looks frizzy

  • Looks stringy

  • Or you can just plain see the split ends

3 Common Misconceptions:

  • Trimming your hair causes it grow faster. NOT TRUE! Trimming your hair does not make it grow faster. Trimming your hair simply keeps the dead/split ends away and therefore grows healthier.

  • My hair doesn’t grow. NOT TRUE! Your hair does in fact grow – approximately ½” a month to be exact. If you let your split ends go untouched, your hair will trim itself by breaking off and therefore will appear to you like it doesn’t grow.

  • Split ends can be “fixed”. NOT TRUE! Spit ends cannot be “fixed” they can be treated or masked by using products but they are still in fact there. The only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off. Hair is a dead fiber and cannot repair itself.

In the spirit of creating perfect haircuts, I hope you find this info helpful in getting a perfect haircut, getting on a schedule with your hair care & taking care of those precious ends. Are you ready for your perfect haircut? If so, visit my Online Booking page to book your next appointment.

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Katie McDonald
Katie McDonald
Jun 22, 2021

Good information!

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