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Police Simulator Patrol Duty Free Download PC Game [March-2022]




GAME MODES - Single Game - Time Trials - Matchmaking OVERVIEW In the early 1990s, when the first generation of CD-ROM titles were coming out, a game called Cop Chase was created, consisting of a 2D array of cops and crooks rushing down the screen. A search-based game, the cops had to search for the criminals and pursue them. Having played the game, I made a mod version of it for X-play which was called "Cops and Robbers". The cops in the mod were to me, a police simulator. The goal of this game is to stop or catch the criminal and to do so, you have to chase the criminal with the police chasing you. FEATURES - a 3D Police simulation - 3D rendered police helicopter and police car - Police simulator cop chase - various game levels - game modes INSTRUCTIONS To install, right click on the game and select install Move it to your desktop. To run the game, double-click the game and select "Play". HELP/FAQ FAQ How do I know that I have the latest version? The latest version of the game can be found in your Downloads folder. You'll see the release date for each version at the top of the page. How do I get rid of the message that there is a newer version available? There are 2 places that the version number can be found. One on the main game window, the other on the main game menu. When you first start the game, the version number is found in the "Levels" folder. If you delete the folder, you'll be forced to update the game and the message will be gone. The other place the version number is, is the title of the folder in your Downloads folder. The title will say "SFDC-2016". If you move the folder, you'll be forced to update the game and the message will be gone. To force the update, delete the folder and move it to another location. Download What game levels are there? There are 3 game levels.



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Police Simulator Patrol Duty Free Download PC Game [March-2022]

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