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More About My Business

I wanted to share with you a little more information about how I do business and what you can expect during your visit with me.


I do not Double-Book my clients.

I like to give each and every guest my one-on-one attention.  I also do not like for my time with you to be shared with another guest.

I want you to feel comfortable & at home.

I offer amenities such as coffee, water, sodas and snacks for you to enjoy.  There is free WIFI so you are welcome to bring your work with you if your job allows.  I also offer YouTube TV & Netflix for your enjoyment during your extension services.

I have a relationship with every one of my guests & you will be no different.

There is so much power in women that empower other women.  My main goal is to make you feel confident and empowered.

I have a private suite @ Salons by JC 

My suite is right up front with big spacious windows so we can people watch and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while you get pampered.

I offer the convenience of a digital booking system.

This means that you will get reminders leading up to your appointment.  It also makes it very easy for me to keep detailed notes about your services.

The "why" behind my specialty.

I originally got into doing extensions because I had a guest that was experiencing thinning hair and her confidence was taking a beating.  I agreed to learn how to do tape-in extensions for her sake.  After seeing the difference that extensions made in her life, I decided to take the classes necessary to become certified.  After learning and practicing about 8 different methods I fell in love with the single strand K-Tip method because of the extended wear of the hair, the ability to wear the hair up and it's ability to move and feel like it's your own hair.

I would love to hear from you!


I welcome your communication!

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!
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