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Whether you have a brand new wig that needs a maintenance schedule or a wig that you have had for years, I can help you maintain and restore your wigs properly.  Schedule a "Wig Consultation," bring your wig with you and let's create something beautiful?

Wig Maintenance Services

Wig Maintenance Services

A wig is an investment and it needs to be taken of properly.  Does your wig look "wiggy?"  Are you ready for a new style?  My wig maintenance services consist of:

  • Shampooing

  • Deep Conditioning

  • Restyling

  • Cutting &/or Blending

Click Here to schedule a "Wig Consultation" & let's talk about how I can help your wig.

Wig Restoration Services

Wig Restoration Services

Give new life to your wig!

Do you have a wig that needs a little TLC?  With a little time & a lot of love I can have your wig looking and feeling like new.

  • Add Hair

  • Add Volume

  • Repair Damaged Caps

Click Here to Schedule a "Wig Consultation" & let's give your give the TLC it deserves!

Wig Restoration Services
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