Keratin Fusion & Tape-In Extensions

I am a Certified Hair Extensionist & take pride in providing you with solutions to your hair concerns & giving you the hair you've always wanted.  My specialty is Single Strand Extensions as well as Tape-In Extensions.  The possibilities are endless ...


Thicker Hair

Longer Hair

Grow Your Hair Out

Thinning Hair Solutions

Special Occasion Solutions

Color without Commitment

Fashion Colors without Commitment

Reprieve for Damaged/Over-Processed Hair


100% Human Hair

All of my extensions are made with 100% Human Hair (Remy/Cuticle Intact)

and gentle color treatments for a natural look.  I also have straight & wavy extensions available  ... so, whether you have straight hair or wavy hair, I have the perfect extension for you!

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Keratin Fusion Extensions Before & After

Keratin Fusion Extensions


This technique involves connecting extensions to the hair with keratin bonds.Each strand is individually attached for 360 degree movement and ultimate styling potential.

Strand By Strand

Whether we are doing a full head of extensions or just need to concentrate on a certain area, Keratin Fusion Extensions are a strand by strand method allowing me to place them where needed.


Easy In, Easy Out

Keratin Fusion extensions are easily installed with a Keratin Hair Connector & removal is just as easy with a Keratin Bond Remover. The Bond Remover leaves no residue in the hair allowing for immediate reinstallation.



Keratin Fusion extensions can be worn 3-4 months (when properly cared for) before having to be moved up.  The hair can be re-bonded up to 3 times before needing to buy new hair.

I-Tip/Flat Tip Hair

Tape-In Extensions are one of the most popular extensions techniques. This method uses human hair that is attached by double-sided tape from the root. Your own hair is taped between two wefts of hair extensions.


Tape-In extensions have to be moved up every 6-10 weeks & can be re-taped & re-use at least 3 times.


Fast Installation

Each Tape-In weft comes pre-taped and requires no tools or heat to apply. Tape-In hair extension installation can take as little as 30 minutes (depending on your desired end result)!


No Damage

Tape-In hair extensions are very gentle on natural hair, using a medical grade adhesive specially formulated to attach securely to hair and last between appointments.  



Crafted with longer strands, Babe Hair Tape-In extensions come with more hair per package. On average, a full head installation requires 4-6 packs of hair.

Similar to Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions, I-Tip & Flat Tip Extensions are a single strand method that allows for instant length, volume & ultimate customization.  I-Tip & Flat Tip Hair Extensions are attached to the hair with microbeads, allowing 360 degrees of movement.

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An Extension Consultation is required before any new install.  Pricing is discussed during the consultation.

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Keratin Fusion Extensions
Keratin Fusion Extensions

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During your extension consultation, we will discuss color options with your desired end result in mind.

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