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Natural, Lived-In Color Is
Effortless Maintenance

A Natural, Lived-In Color is meant to be a subtle, natural, no "roots" kind of color.  Natural, Lived-In Color is a way of highlighting, lowlighting & blending different shades of color that allows your color to grow out naturally.  "Lived-In Color" can work for any hue!

Are you Brunette? 

Choose light browns with rich honey tones to give a sun-kissed,

mother-nature did this to me look.

Like your hair Blonde? 

We would create a shadow root and blend in darker shades of blonde

with just a few pops of lighter hues for that "I've always been a blonde" look. 

OR...  If you prefer an all-out-bombshell-blonde, I can do that too!

Root Color/Root Smudge


Hairline Highlight




Partial Highlight


Full Highlight




Tiffany Styles- Action Buttons Blank Lunar.png

If you are a new guest looking for a color service, let's connect by email first to discuss your haircolor goals.  Please be prepared to share pictures of what your current color looks like & some inspirational pictures of your desired color.

CLICK HERE to request a color service.

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